Little Luna Sling Bag (Carabao Leather)

Kalab Leathercraft

  • $109.99

Little Luna Sling Bag (Carabao Leather)

Hand-stitched Full Grain Carabao Leather Sling Bag for Women (Small) 

Product Dimensions (Length x Width x Height):

20.3 x 6.4 x 15.2 centimeters // 8 x 2.5 x 6 inches


  • Front Leather Lock

  • Fixed Leather Sling 48 inches (122 cm)

  • One inner sleeve

  • Polished Brass studs

  • Front Leather Lock

  • Packaged in a jute sack stitched with a signature leather patch matching the colour of your bag

  •  Minimalist Design

  • 100% Hand stitched

  • Vegetable Tanned Leather

  • No Sewing Machines Used


All products by and from Kalab Leathercraft are made from natural carabao and cowhide. Our leathercraft goods are meticulously processed and stitched by hand. Due to the handmade nature of our products and the natural grains of carabao and cowhide, each item we produce may have a slight distinct texture and look. 

Since we use real carabao and cowhide for our products, natural blemishes may appear on each finished item. These do not indicate that the products are damaged or flawed as these blemishes are expected when it comes to natural leather. 

Please note that due to the uniqueness of cow and especially carabao leather, the finished product that you will receive may slightly differ from the pictures posted on our site and social media accounts. 

By purchasing from and supporting Kalab Leathercraft, you are agreeing to this disclaimer.

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Customer Reviews

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